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I'm always busy, and for that I am thankful. I'm fortunate enough to have a consistent flow of well-paying work, so if anyone ever wonders why there isn't a ton of material on here, it's because 95% of the work I do is for paid projects, and I have to wait months (sometimes years) before these projects come out and can show off anything I've done for them.  Most of the work on this DA page is just things I've done for myself when I find the time.
After over a year's worth of them changing their rules mid-game, unprofessional business practices, emails sent in broken English and overall unreliability, I'm doing everything I can to distance myself from that site. There will be no Olaf toy from
Run over to and pick up a preorder for my miniature metal masterpiece, Olaf, for a discounted price! Just click the link below and treat yourself to something awesome!…
Is up and ready to be voted on…if you like it and want to see it get made and sold (which I would really really like to see happen) head on over to… and cast your vote!